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There are a couple places where you can order Blaze Foley music:
  • Lost Arts Records produces his "Live at the Outhouse" CD.
  • Deep South Productions produces a set of Tribute CDs.
  • The gu'mint owns the mechanical rights to Blaze's only vinyl LP, recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. A few of these albums were actually pressed. Blaze distributed them out the back of a friend's van when he needed drinking money. Several people around Austin still own a copy, including one fellow who has a copy still in the shrinkwrap! Ocassionally, his album and single shows up on eBay.


There have been several newspaper articles written since the death of Blaze Foley...

Duct Tape

Blaze was quite fond of the shiny stuff...


Other websites to visit:
  • Steve-O's started the very first Blaze Foley website. Steve is a musician and close friend of Blaze from his Georgia days. His website has lots of links and interstin' stuff.
  • Townes Van Zandt was a close friend of Blaze and vice versa.
  • Lucinda Williams wrote a touching tribute to Blaze on her Car Wheels on a Gravel Road album.
  • Lost John Casner is a musician and close friend of Blaze. He recorded the Outhouse tapes and is one of the dedicated guardians of Texas Swing. Catch his band playing in the authentic honky tonks of Texas next time you find yourself in our area.
  • Larry Monroe, a close friend of Blaze, runs Segway city, a late night, all you can listen to radio program filling the airwaves every Saturday night past midnight until the wee hours of Sunday morning. It's one of the few programs that's updated in real time over the net.